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As someone who identifies as gay, I remember growing up and going to the bookstore and going to the gay and lesbian section and thinking to myself, “This is it. This is what we have. This one shelf. That’s it.” And, you know, we have some short stories, and we have some history, and stuff like that, but you know, like, the fiction all centered around being gay. Like, it was defined by that. And so, I think what I hear a lot from the fans, and I share their sentiment, is, here is something where being gay is just one aspect of a much larger world that we live in. And that world is beautiful, and terrifying, and insane, and funny, and it just fits in there, and for me, being a gay artist, working on a show like this, like, I like gay stuff, gay stuff is cool, but I mean, you know, so many times I see independent films and and independent books and they’re writing the “Oh, this is gay fiction.” Well, what does that mean? Like, does that mean you have to be gay to read it? Do you have to be gay to write it? Like what? I don’t understand…Like, just one aspect of Cecil is his sexuality. And, on top of that, in this crazy world of Night Vale, his sexuality and his relationship with another man is the least weird thing to happen on a daily basis. And it really makes me feel so good to think back on where I was when I was like fifteen, sixteen and thinking “Yes, this is it.” Like, we’re making it. We’re pushing boundaries out, and saying, “This isn’t a gay podcast. We’re not gonna check your card at the door.” I love that.

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i like my kid loki how i like all my other favorite characters

punched in the face

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Imagine your OTP meeting again after being reincarnated, seeing each other on the street, connecting for an intense and brief moment then walking right past each other never to meet again.

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I’m just curious - Reblog if you would go see a Black Widow and Hawkeye movie.







Call it ‘What Happened In Budapest’.

I’m not even in this fandom and I would go

If it was called “What Happened in Budapest”,
it would be two straight hours of action sci-fi porn

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POC-CREATORS: Architectural Terms for Writing




Writing and thenbeing like, “There’s probably a word for this sort of area in a house.” “There ought to be a word for those wooden paneled things next to windows.” and you can’t very well just go google it and hope the sloppy definition gives you a…


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Ah, a perfect tumblr post for me to reblog to say a general thing: 

PSA: our ad team has been trying to keep these ads from showing up on our site for literally weeks. Probably closer to a couple months now. We think they are coming through Google Ad exchange, and the makers of them are tagging them something deliberately obscure so that we can’t get rid of them by, say, blocking the “video games” category. 

If you would like to help us get rid of them, what will really make a difference is if we can figure out what these ads click through to. This goes for any gross ad that makes it onto our page, by the way. There’s only so much our team can do with screenshots, but with the link that the ad directs to they can be a lot more specific in their actions. I don’t want to demand that anyone clicks on these ads, for obvious reasons, but if you want to help, that’s the best way to do it. 

Also I can’t help but mention that what would also help is if the messages you send to notify us of gross ads didn’t contain passive aggressive undertones like “I hope The Mary Sue knows how much these ads go against what you say is your message,” or “you should be working on taking these ads down right now.” etc. I think it should be patently obvious from our content that we do not approve of ads like this, and, while it is not as obvious, we almost always are already working on taking them down. I suppose I should be happy that our readers hold us to a high standard but I don’t have the ability to be quite that noble so messages like this just leave me feeling that you’ve made a knee jerk judgement that I’m a giant hypocrite. Like almost every blog you read, the majority of our ads are served to us by algorithms rather than campaigns that were thought up and minutely planned by actual human beings. Some error is to be expected, and when those errors happen it can, as it is in this case, sometimes be very difficult to find the source of the problem because the admakers have made it deliberately difficult. 

Thank you. Thus ends our PSA on gross ads. - Susana